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We all need support, especially when going through a serious situation such as surgery and cancer treatments. I helped start a wonderful support group for breast cancer patients at Manatee Memorial Hospital. We try and meet at 5:30pm in the lobby in front of my office on the second Thursday of every month. We often have, and welcome, patients at various stages of treatment, from women that have not had any surgery, to folks undergoing chemotherapy, and people who are survivors and had surgery and treatments many years ago. I try and make it to every meeting. It's a great way to share information and tips on how to get through the different phases and challenges that can develop. I encourage all of my cancer patients to attend. Support group is a way to share our strength with others! Together we are stronger!


We try to have different guest speakers throughout the year come and share about their specialties, such as nutrition, physical therapy and plastic surgery. We also take time out to talk about any issues with surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. Any family members and friends are encouraged to come, and no questions or topics are off limits. Check our Facebook page for updates or call my office (941) 896-4788 if you want to confirm the date. I hope to see you there!

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