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We offer the LAP-BAND surgery as a treatment option for obese patients in the Bradenton, Sarasota, and Florida Gulf Coast area. For many people, weight loss surgery is the first step towards weight loss success. However, it is your life after LAP-BAND that will determine your long-term results. Significant changes will need to be made in several areas of your life after lap band surgery.



Regular follow up visits to our office are an essential part of making the LAP-BAND procedure work properly. We will need to fill your band with saline about 6 weeks after surgery. After that initial fill, you may see us once a month to ensure you’re losing weight at a comfortable rate. Our goal is for your to lose about 1-2 pounds per week. If you notice you’re eating too much, we can add saline to make the band tighter. If you are unable to eat enough or have difficulties swallowing and digesting, we may remove saline to make the band more loose. It s a real custom fit for each patient.



Your LAP-BAND system helps restrict the amount of solid foods you can eat. While the band assists in managing quantity, it’s up to you to choose the quality of your diet. This means making healthy food choices, which a nutritionist will assist you with, and eating in a way that encourages success with the LAP-BAND. That includes:

Chewing carefully

Eating slowly

Avoiding liquid calories or very soft foods

Not drinking during your meals



Reducing the amount of calories you consume will cause you to lose weight. However, you’ll lose more weight and have a more positive impact on your overall health if you also commit to getting more exercise. This might be intimidating if you’re used to a sedentary lifestyle. Focus on starting with small changes, like walking 15 minutes per day, and building on your accomplishments.


As you lose weight and get more comfortable with your body, exercising will become easier. The more you exercise, the more weight you’ll lose and the more comfortable you’ll feel with your body. It’s a cycle that leads to feeling better and starts by taking the first step of moving a little more each day than you did the day before.



As a result of the physical changes you experience after LAP-BAND surgery, you may also experience significant emotional and mental changes. Some of these can be good and others can be more difficult. For example, it’s not uncommon to have tension in some of your relationships after weight loss surgery.


A strong support network can help you navigate these changes so that you can fully enjoy life after lap band. This support may include a mental health professional, other bariatric surgery patients, or close friends and family members who are prepared to listen to you. You may find support groups for lap-band patients organized by your surgeon or online support groups made up of people from all over the world. Whatever support works best for you, make a point to tap into whenever you need it.

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